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A Radical Idealist - Vandana Shiva

I probably asked more questions than I have answers.

I do know my own personal method of answering those questions is to find the simpliest approach to complex ideas. At least, that is the direction I have been heading and certainly applies to how I handle food.

There have been a number questions rattling around in my head since I attended Terra Madre in Turin, Italy last November. Terra Madre is a bi-annual convention of food producers around the world. At it’s second incarnation in 2006, 1000 chefs from around the globe were invited to attend along with 5000 producers and 500 educators.

At this conference, I heard Vandan Shiva speak. She left me with many radical questions about food - the “rights” of food and the “rights” of seed. Of particular note and deep impression was the idea of corporate ownership of the “invention” of life.

Additionally, at the closing session of the conference, she spoke emotionally about the destruction of the freedoms of farmers to grow food and the impact the loss of that freedom is having.

On Greenbean Radio, there is a link to her speach and to two documents: The Manifesto of Food and The Manifesto of Seed that are worthy of attention and your comments.

The simple answer I find, eat seasonally, buy locally, walk lightly.

2 Responses to “A Radical Idealist - Vandana Shiva”

  1. wally Says:

    Mark — Thanks for the link to Greenbean radio! You’ve opened up a whole new world for me!


  2. mark Says:

    The same has happened to me. I have basically been following a simple passion - to cook with the season using local ingredients and one day I woke up and realized how important those simple everyday steps really are. Aren’t we fortunate to be living here in WNC.

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